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Hi there, thank you for stopping by. I am a Canadian Stampin Up demonstrator who loves what she does. I so enjoy being able to share different ideas and techniques to others and seeing the looks on the faces of those that think they will never be able to do it, you all know who you are. I am married to lovely man that just smiles at my stamping addiction, two great kids that I just could not imagine having as a part of my life....not that they are perfect...smile!!!!! I do have a furry little girl too that is just to sweet for words. Now you know a little about me I hope you enjoyed your visit and come back anytime. Happy Stamping!!!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thanks Yolanda and Cassie

Well thanks to Yolanda I finally got it on here and now here is the next part of my job to thank the ones that gave me this award:
1. http://yolanda-tryingtobecreative.blogspot.com/
2. http://cassiescraps.blogspot.com/

Now to tell you 8 things about myself that you may not already know:

1. My husband and two children live in the house that I grew up in from the time I was 12 yrs old
2. We live in the country with a small farm.
3. My parents live only a closet away as they are in a attached apartment.
4. I love our horses at a distance, I will brush and give them treats, BUT I will NOT ride them...smile
5. My left leg from mid calf down to the ankle is all metal.
6. I was the youngest in all of Canada to get an ankle replacement...this however I am not totally proud of but hey it is the truth...LOL
7. My family is everything to me, Hubby who has stuck it out with me for 11 years and my two babies that are now 8 1/2 and 5.
8. I have MDS (from SU) and I think I am the only one that is still not sure if she in love with it yet, BUT has an addiction with buying the downloads anyway.

Now to nominate this award to 8 other blog favs of mine:

1. http://butternutsagedesigns.blogspot.com/
2. http://inkingoutofthebox.com/
3. http://dianagibbs.typepad.com/stampin_with_di/
4. http://www.stampinchic.com/
5. http://mytherapymycreations.blogspot.com/
6. http://stampingwithroxy.typepad.com/
7. http://www.inkingidaho.blogspot.com/
8. http://gretchenbarron.typepad.com/my_weblog/

Okay that was hard as there are so many blogs that I do enjoy out there and to narrow that down to only 8.....phew!!!!!

Well that is it for this post....I still feel so honoured to be given this award
Hope you continue to stop by and find inspirations
Happy Stamping


  1. Crystal, I am honored to see my name listed with these fabulous bloggers! I am honored that you would think of me for this award!

  2. Thank you Crystal! How nice of you. :)