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Hi there, thank you for stopping by. I am a Canadian Stampin Up demonstrator who loves what she does. I so enjoy being able to share different ideas and techniques to others and seeing the looks on the faces of those that think they will never be able to do it, you all know who you are. I am married to lovely man that just smiles at my stamping addiction, two great kids that I just could not imagine having as a part of my life....not that they are perfect...smile!!!!! I do have a furry little girl too that is just to sweet for words. Now you know a little about me I hope you enjoyed your visit and come back anytime. Happy Stamping!!!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Last post was April 16th and here we are almost 2 months and I am finally getting some cards on here posted.

My dear friend and  kindred spirit just recently was able to with her family get out of apartment living that they have been in for the last 4+ years and got a house to call home now.  Well there nwere many thans that we needing to be said so i was asked for 2 really really special ones so here is the first one she wanted a house incorporated on it so I thought why not just a card made in the shape of a house.
There was absolutely no stamping involved in this card just our punches and some embossing folders.
This was my second attempt and I am rather proud of it.

Happy Stamping

Monday, April 16, 2012

Well happy windy Monday to you all!!!!!!!!!!

I can not believe just how windy it is outside, I thought my 40 foot schoolbus was going to just fly itself home.....LOL.   I am home safe though with my kids and all is well.  Just whistles coming through the doors and windows but otherwise it is lovely outside, sunny, warm, just windy.

Anyways about the card before battery goes dead, made this for a couple classes I had in March, most loved the simplicity of making it but impressed how elegant it looked in the end.

Hope you like it as well
Happy Stamping

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Here is a quickie....LOL!!!!!

Very very short as I need to get on the bus now!!!!

But my father asked for some more masculine cards for the guys he works with as thank yous so this is one of the two that I made.

Hope you like it
Happy Stamping

Monday, March 26, 2012

Buttons, I used buttons

Good Monday Morning!!!!

So I knew it would happen we had a week of mid summer weather and then this morning I had winter coat and gloves back on to go and do circle check and start up the bus.....burrrr.

It was however a lovely weekend with friends at a long awaited class. My BFF recently had to step down from her demoship from Stampin Up and well she invited me to come and stamp with her and some previous customers and friends.  It was so much fun and this is one of the cards that we made that afternoon....4 in total.

I am always drawn to samples where the person has used buttons and yet any time I ever tried to include them it just went wrong.  Well the lovely set "Button Buddies" it is very easy for those of you out there like myself to use the buttons you have bought and never used because you couldn't get it to look right. Along with the Twitterpated DSP and matching buttons and VOILA I used buttons and you can too!!!!...smile

Hope you like it and are inspired to try buttons again
Happy Stamping

Sunday, March 25, 2012

This is for you Kathy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Sunday Afternoon!!!!

Okay I am going to have two posts for you today....this one is for Kathy who informed me yesterday at a class that she checks me out everyday and well I have not been very loyal to my blog.  To be honest I was considering whether this is something I wanted to continue with....Stamping Up.
Our family as I have talked about before has been having a hard time lately with illnesses and my heart was just not into stamping, it was a REAL effort to get back into the craft room.  It used to be that stamping was my go to therapy but it wasn't doing it for me this time.
However even though my father will never be cured he has started feeling better....his massive blood clots are still large and he is still on meds to shrink them so that they will desolve, and he is not totally out of the danger but he is supposed to start pushing himself a little to try and build up his breathing and strength again. 
He says he is even feeling better, so when my girlfriend (BFF) aksed me to come and do a class at her home for her friends and past customers I said sure and even though I felt like I was a new stamper all over again it felt good to hold that rubber in my hand and even had some uninked stamps meet with some inks and all was good....felt like riding a bike all over again it all came back....although Stampin Up makes it pretty easy with their beautiful Designer papers which is always my inspiration.

Okay so now that I have rambled on about the card above I was in a swap as I said in a previous post that was focusing on the items from  the Occassion mini and one of the cards I recieved back was very similar to this card I had made a few changes but it was someone elses card that was the inspiration ( I will post her info once I find the original card)

Thanks for stopping by
and thank you Kathy for sticking by me and my uneventful blog!!!!....smile
Until later
Happy Stamping

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Rue des Fleur if you Please....

Can you believe it .... another post and still in the same month!!!!!!

So I was in an all canadian swap and this is the set I said I would use from the Occassion Mini.  I sure hope everyone liked it because I sure enjoyed all the cards I got back form the talented women that were also part of this swap.

For now this is going to be all
Hope you all have a great evening and....
Happy Stamping

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Occassion Mini....I am in LOVE!!!!!!

Okay so I have not gotten back to daily yet but here is another post for those of you that have been so loyal to stick around through my blog posting delinguency

Here I put some of the occassion mini and Sale-a-Bration mini.  Can I just say I am loving both of these minis.  from the SAB I just love the ribbon and brad bundle. The ribbon is gorgeous and the brads are adorable.

Oh have noticed the framelits and edgelits in the mini they are such a staple especially for those of nyou that own the Big Shot.

Well that is all for tis evening I hope you liked my card and thanks for stopping by
Happy Stamping

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

SO Much for my Posting more often!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I think I may be back!!!!!!!!!

Even though this is my first post in over two months it is going to have to be short sie the battery on my computer is very low and it cannot be plaugged in due to a shorted wire.
Nontheless here is a card from a class way back in September if I remember correctly I was inspired by Diana Gibbs ( she is amazing with the vintage as far as I am concerned)
i hope you liked it and I do have more cards to show so I should be back again  tomorrow.

Happy Stamping

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Do you still remember me???

Well guess what?   It is November and I have not been on this blog for over 6 weeks, and for that I am sorry.
What has been happening over here in Crystal's life you may be asking....well lket me tell you.  The day after my last post I put in an application with a bus driving company. Well the next day I was called for an interview and two days later I started my training.  As of he 14th I was officially a licensed B driver.

Now though that I am all done my training I am so hoping I will be back to posting more regularily.
In the meantime my dad got a card with a monetary gift from the guys he works with and he wanted to send them a thank you card , two actually for each of the lunch rooms.  This is one of the two that I made up for him.  The horse unfortunately is not Stampin Up ( I so wish we had just one really nice horse set) I then used the hat and boots from the westerny set we have that the name has slipped my mind.  I in the past had a friend (Gloria from gloriousgreetings) that made me a card and she made the twine into a lasso look and I just thought how lovely it would be to add to this card.

I hope you enjoyed and thank you for oming back for a visit.

Until next time
Happy Stamping

Saturday, October 1, 2011

WELL September sure was a right off and I am so sorry to left any of you that come loyally to see me.  However we have had some issues within the household. Those o you that know me personally know that we have four generations living on the property. Myself with my husband and kids, my parents and my moms mum ( aka grandma).  Well my father a week after labour day was on a bike tour with a couple of guys from his work and 5 other men ( 8 in total) well he had an accident and broke his leg in three places.  Oh and did I mention that he was in Wiarton.  Yep needless to say Tuesday mom and I were on our way up to Owen Sound once they knew that was where he had to be sent to since London would have had him waitting 5-10 days for his surgery.  The hospital was so good to us calling us a hotel and getting us a less expensive rate since we were up the for a loved on that was going to be having surgery. 

Then we have my poor grandma ( she is 85) well she has to do her driving test and she failed and has to wait for another couple weeks before she can try again.  What does this mean it means my grandmother that drives herself everywhere and is SOOO independant needs to either have you drive her or be with her when she drives.

Needless to say it has been interesting around here OH and me...yes me it is my blog,I am terrified of horses well because Richard works shift work and dad is not able to walk on his leg I have been doing the nightly chores.  I know funny huh!!! My mom comes out as well so we have each other as support ( I have an ankle replacement and metal up the leg and my mom has two knee replacements).

All this said I still have fit in a card class, got the first month of hotfood orders for the school made, copied and sent home. I have not though gotten any pictures of the new stuff I had made so ....yes I am finally to the card part of the blog...giggle

This card I made back in the summer and I do not believe I have shown it to you yet.
It uses the Flirtatious DSP and Greenhouse Garden stamp set.

So thanks for coming by and listening to my excuse for not being around....but it was all true and well family will always come first, BUT believe me I am excited to get my pictures all loaded up and show them to you all.

Until next time
Happy Stamping

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Field Flowers are one of my Favorites!!!!!

Good Tuesday Evening,

It is late and on a school night but hey that is how the cookie crumbles around here on Tuesday evenings.
So is it wrong to be in love with a stampset????.....not if you are a stamper...smile

Well I am a stamper and I am in love with one set in particular and it is Field Flowers.....oh my.  I am thinking I should really pair it up with my other love and that is the Mocha Morning Specialty DSP...Oh all the ideas....

This card however is paired up with the other delicious paper in the holiday mini Spiced Cake DSP I personally would never have thought to put BBreeze with MMustard but hey guess what it is beautiful!!!!!!  Add the feild flowers and a few pearls and a little CChip scallop dotted GGrain ribbon and you get a fairly pretty card if I may say so myself.  Well actually me and the 4 other ladies in the club thought it was pretty too...so there...LOL

Now that I am done bragging ( sorry if it really came across that way by the way....so not me) I am going to hit the hay. My baby is having her first day of SK tomorrow and the hubby and I are going for a much awaitted breakfast...it is my favorite meal to eat out ( unless of course you are taking me to the Keg or Ruth Chris's Steakhouse...yuummmm, expensive but still for a treat yummmm.

Until another day
Happy Stamping

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Mocha Paper....oh my!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Sunday Evening!!

Well can you believe that there is only 2 more sleeps before all ( most ) of our kiddies are back to school and the routines get back into motion.  I myself like to have some routine in our life and both my kids so love school so sending them back and the first day of school is not as stressful as it can be for others.

Anyways onto the card I am so in love with this DSP everything about it screams " I've got class"  and richness.  This is one of the cards we made at the club of ladies on Wednesday.  This was pretty much the favorite of the day...I will show the other two in the next couple of days.

Well it is late I am tired and have an exciting day tomorrow as I get to see my BFF. We have not been able to get together too much this summer because she and her family have had a couple really exciting and big trips planned.  We are also due to the holiday all being able to get together as whole famillies not just her and I with the kids, hubbies actually will be there. I always like it when we ge together with everyone.  So I look so forward to tomorrow afternoon.

Until tomorrow
Happy Stamping

Thursday, September 1, 2011

A complete CASE from convention

Hello and good afternoon,

Yep it is Thursday and there is only 5 days before my son goes back to school and my daughter has 6.  She has made my summer go by way to fast by making me do a countdown of how many more sleeps before she gets to go back to school two weeks into summer holidays.  Do not get me wrong I love my little girl and how much she loves school but let me just say it has been EXTREMELY annoying.

Anyways enough about how she cannot entertain herself but onto the the card I got as a swap from convention I thought it was so cute and I know I have seen similar out there in blogging world but I was happy to have one in my hand so thank you Carolyn Dobie from NY for swapping with me and this is my take on it ....LOL the only thing I changed is the extra layer under the strawberry and my words otherwise it was all her.

I hope you all like it, I know I just love it when the smart, creative people out there who show me how to use my punches in different ways than the obvious.

Until Tomorrow
Happy Stamping

Oh and just incase you were unaware the Holiday Mini is current as of NOW so enjoy writting out your wish lists and if you would like to give me a copy I will have a copy for those phonecall I just may get in about 2 1/2 months from now....no worries though as we will keep them updated if there are those items you just have to have now.....smile
If you have not recieved a Holiday mini as of yet and you are in Southern Ontario and do not already have a regular demonstrator send me an email and I will be sure to get one out to you right away

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sending a Kiss

Good Tuesday Morning to you all!!!!!!

I have been a busy little beaver in my scrap room and I am not able to show you any of the new stuff as of yet.  I have a swap I am doing with a lovely demo in Cambridge Ontario that I am just about finished and rea to send out to her. I have a club meeting for the first time out of this catalogue on Wednesday. Another class in September I am just starting to get the product cut up for so in the coming future there will be lots to show you.  However today I am showing a card I did at a camp early this month.

I made mine a getwell as we had an aquaintance that fell and broke her hip and has been recovering, she is tough lady and I know she will do well but still everyone loves to get a card while still in the hospital don"t they!!!!

I used the new set Petite Pairs (LOVE IT) it has sayings that go nicely with 1/22 on outside and 1/2 inside....it is just perfect.  So her's said "Sending a Kiss"......"to make it better".

Hope you liked it
Feel free to come by and visit again
Happy Stamping