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Hi there, thank you for stopping by. I am a Canadian Stampin Up demonstrator who loves what she does. I so enjoy being able to share different ideas and techniques to others and seeing the looks on the faces of those that think they will never be able to do it, you all know who you are. I am married to lovely man that just smiles at my stamping addiction, two great kids that I just could not imagine having as a part of my life....not that they are perfect...smile!!!!! I do have a furry little girl too that is just to sweet for words. Now you know a little about me I hope you enjoyed your visit and come back anytime. Happy Stamping!!!!!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Did you know Teachers Appreciation Day was in April??????

Okay first of all this is so far from my own idea...I first saw the idea on Patty Bennett's blog and then many other places after.
Now I have for the last couple of years done stuff/ helped around the school for Teachers Appreciation Day and Caleb's teacher has always gotten a gift well this year guess what .......IT WAS IN APRIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am so not happy I have been wondering why I have not been approached and when I went to the office Friday I found out I was not going to be approached since the day had been and gone ( I will defend myself ...we were in Florida...ooops).

So anyways I thought I had better get cracking and get the kids teachers something so I made this one for my sons teacher....not sure IF a man is really interested in an item like this but hey he can give it to his wife.  My daughters teacher gets one as well but my picture will not upload but hers is made with the Love Letter DSP and I stamped the Ornate Blossom and did some layering of it.....hope they like them.

Now that I have done my little vent and showed you my project I am off to bed....head is throbbing like crazy.

Happy Stamping

Monday, May 23, 2011

First time button user!!!!!

I have no idea why i am so intimidated by these little guys but for some reason buttons and I have always shied away from each other....smile

So this is one of the four cards made at my last class.

I really do not mean to be short but it being a holiday still and my house is in desperate need of some tender loving care.

Have a great rest of the weekend
Happy Stamping

Sunday, May 22, 2011

I am so in love with this set!!!!!!

Okay  here we are Sunday already!!

Tomorrow we get to all be together one more day off before everyone goes back to the old grind.
I have been very busy in the craft room lately. I am part of a craft fair at a local bulk/country store (Coyle's) in June.  I am so excited for it and so I along with another demonstrator we are busy little beavers making all kinds of samples and 3D items to show off.    So if you would liketo come and see us and all the other vendors come on by on Hwy 19 ( Plank Rd)  in Tillsonburg, Ontario.

Now as for todays card I have made one card similar back in April, it was different colours and a different stamp set but the layout is the same.  I also was inspired to make this card for a friend that comes to all my classes ...she loves blue, she loves flowers and I knew she was interested in making a larger card as oppossed to the standard size.   Since we have already made this card I can tell you tat she loved it as did everyone else....phew!!!!  It is funny how you make cards for these ladies monthly and yet everytime I worry what if they don't like them.

Well I gotta go, have a great rest of the long weekend
Happy Stamping

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sail Away Twisted Easel Card

Okay so here is the deal.  I have seen many of these easle cards and they are not something I was really all that interested in them then my friend and fellow stamper showed me one of the twisted easle cards you can see hers  her blog http://www.gloriasgreetings.blogspot.com/ and I fell in love ( with the card ...smile)

Now if you go to the gallery on splitcoaststampers you are going to find that a great portion of the cards sampled are the square 4 1/4 x 4 1/4 cards and one of the larger fronted cards is Glorias and I personally liked it much better than the square and for a couple reasons....1) it is a standard shape card that fits in the regular standard envelopes....2) you can mail it where the smaller square is not ideal for mailling. Okay and one more reason I like decorating the front of a standard card.

Lastly this card when we made it in the class I after putting this one together thought it would look a little nicer with some brads in each of the corners so that the white did not look so bare, we put not quite navy brads but the silver brads would have looked lovely as well.

I sure hope that you liked it and thanks so much for stopping by
Happy Stamping

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Not Missing just being a Deliquent with the Blogging

So 5 years ago I signed up as a demonstrator coming this July and the year before then is when I was first introduced to this company and certainly celery was one of the first inks I ever recieved and it has been a very, very long time since it and I have gotten together.....and well, yep still like it and pretty happy with my monochramatic card too.

I will be demoing this card tomorrow for my summer mini class....sure hope the girls like it as much as I do.

Well it has been a long dreary day here and I have a little more house work to do in the morning before
everyone comes.

Hope you all had a great weekend
Thanks for stopping by

Happy Stamping

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Fabulous Florets

Saturday ...it is Saturday!!!!!

So I have been awful at being here every day as I thought I would be but life gets in the way and then it
does not help when i NEED  a new camera as mine is still annoying me to no end.

This though is one of the few cards I have made with our new Summer mini....is it not really cute!!!? ( the mini not the ..LOL)

Now with two extra boys here and a little girl that is doing all in her power to fit in I had better make this short so to give the boys a break and let Sarah know she is still special....smile

Happy Stamping