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Hi there, thank you for stopping by. I am a Canadian Stampin Up demonstrator who loves what she does. I so enjoy being able to share different ideas and techniques to others and seeing the looks on the faces of those that think they will never be able to do it, you all know who you are. I am married to lovely man that just smiles at my stamping addiction, two great kids that I just could not imagine having as a part of my life....not that they are perfect...smile!!!!! I do have a furry little girl too that is just to sweet for words. Now you know a little about me I hope you enjoyed your visit and come back anytime. Happy Stamping!!!!!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Well this is all the pictures thaat will download to the computer....UHGGGGG

So I took all kinds of pictures but for some reason there is something wrong with the camera OR the laptop that I can never get the whole lot of pictures taken to load into the computer....oh well I get a couple of them for you to see our quaint little Stamp a Stack.   It may have been small but it was FUN and really for a first time around 13 people making 10 cards each it was a good size to find out what you would like to tweek if anything.

Now here is a card that was supposed to be done tomorrow at a camp but since the flu has hit a member of the family we are going t keep the germs confined to our house and the class has been post poned till next Monday March 7th.

Now I know what you are all thinking, this looks awfully familliar to the one shown a couple days ago for the family moving away....you're right I find the larger cards a little tough so I took the smaller card and worked around it to ake it bigger.  This particular card though was totally inspired by a Laura ? from SC ( a stampin up website)

So that is all for now, it has been a busy weekend, SAS yesterday and today was a party for a family leaving for Yellowknife from our congergation

Happy Stamping

Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Total Case

I really need to make a better effort to look at the names of cards that I like when looking through the Stampin Connection.  I usually scan through and it is a major blur of cards with all different things I like but I will from now on be sure to make sure that I have their names wrote down as that is what this blog is supposed to be all about showing you who and where I am inspired.

So tomorrow I will be posting some pictures from the Stamp a Stack today.  Unfortunately Gloria had some last minute sicknesses, and things come up so she ended up three people sort from the original number and I had one, however for our first ever stamp a stack we still had 15 of us.

We  handed out six little door prizes and then a real big one at the end and our winner Meghan was REALLY HAPPY to say the least ( as were her friends knowing that they would be able to share it with her...smile

So as I said I will get the pictures from my camera to the computer and upload some of them for you tomorrow.....little tired tonight.
Till then Happy Stamping

Friday, February 25, 2011

A Farwell Card

Well we are having a going away party for a young family from our congergation.  The fathers job has relocated him and they are moving away from our little country farming town of Tillsonburg, Ontario to ...you'll never guess.....Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.  Talk about a shock to his family and what a lifestyle change it will bring.  (Personally you could not pay me to go there).

It is not very often that I make a card this big but since the whole congergation is going to want to sign it so I needed bigger than the standard size card.

Well I am off to bed as I have my first ever Stamp-a-Stack tomorrow morning, I will try to remember to take pictures and post them tomorrow and tell you all about it.

Happy Stamping

So many Blogs have inspired this one

Good Snowy Friday Morning!!!!!!

Is it just me or is anyone else tired of the snow?  I am not a fan of any winter sports,  having a bad leg and weak bones in it because of the trauma done to it in the past and well I am just ready to hear the birdies, see green grass and leaves on the trees again.  The smell of reshly cut grass and sunscreen....ahhhhh

Well you all know that is Stampin Ups most loved time of the year when you are able to earn free stamps just by spending $60.00.  This seems to be the most popular stamp set that people are picking for free and well I thought that since I am having my monthly camp on Monday I would take the opportunity to use some of  the freebies I have chosen. 

I was totally inspired by a number of demos out there that have posted their cards of this beautiful set and this is what I did with it.

I hope you like it and if you live in the southwestern Ontario area and do not have a demonstrator and would like to earn this stamp set be sure to contact me IF you do have one please do not miss out on this fun time of year,  and call/email him/her....go now...smile

Hope you all have a great day, I all ready for the Stamp a Stack on Saturday so I will try and get back today and show you another card planned for Mondays class.

Happy Stamping

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thanks Yolanda and Cassie

Well thanks to Yolanda I finally got it on here and now here is the next part of my job to thank the ones that gave me this award:
1. http://yolanda-tryingtobecreative.blogspot.com/
2. http://cassiescraps.blogspot.com/

Now to tell you 8 things about myself that you may not already know:

1. My husband and two children live in the house that I grew up in from the time I was 12 yrs old
2. We live in the country with a small farm.
3. My parents live only a closet away as they are in a attached apartment.
4. I love our horses at a distance, I will brush and give them treats, BUT I will NOT ride them...smile
5. My left leg from mid calf down to the ankle is all metal.
6. I was the youngest in all of Canada to get an ankle replacement...this however I am not totally proud of but hey it is the truth...LOL
7. My family is everything to me, Hubby who has stuck it out with me for 11 years and my two babies that are now 8 1/2 and 5.
8. I have MDS (from SU) and I think I am the only one that is still not sure if she in love with it yet, BUT has an addiction with buying the downloads anyway.

Now to nominate this award to 8 other blog favs of mine:

1. http://butternutsagedesigns.blogspot.com/
2. http://inkingoutofthebox.com/
3. http://dianagibbs.typepad.com/stampin_with_di/
4. http://www.stampinchic.com/
5. http://mytherapymycreations.blogspot.com/
6. http://stampingwithroxy.typepad.com/
7. http://www.inkingidaho.blogspot.com/
8. http://gretchenbarron.typepad.com/my_weblog/

Okay that was hard as there are so many blogs that I do enjoy out there and to narrow that down to only 8.....phew!!!!!

Well that is it for this post....I still feel so honoured to be given this award
Hope you continue to stop by and find inspirations
Happy Stamping

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Stylish Blog Award

Okay so I am really new at this but it has been a fantastic week, I have been awarded ntwo Stylish Blogger Awards.  Now as soon as I figure out how to paste them on to here I will do the required things of naming 8 things you do not know about me and 8 blogs I love to follow

So until tomorrow as it will likely take me that long....smile

Happy Stamping

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Nature Walk

Good Morning and Happy Sunday to you all!!!!

Well I know I already have a card on here that is extremely similar to this one in the sese that it is the same exact layout ad technique but it is all new colours and DSP.

 I have found with this journey on the Stampin Up road that I have a very short attention span.  I try to make the same cards for all the differet fuctios I have in a month and well after only the second time I fid I do not want to make it i the same colours or same stamp set for that matter.

Well this is a bit of a short post but I have company coming over tomorrow for diner and I have a house to get cleaned and  some dessert started so there is less tomorrow.

Have a great day
Happy Stamping

Friday, February 18, 2011

A Couple Days Late but here is another Sneak Peek

WOW Where do the days go?   For some reason they are all starting to blur together...really looking forward to the long weekend.  Unfortunately my dear hubby does not get it but he atleast gets this Saturday off  (usually works six days)

We are taking our children for a movie date....they have not been for awhile and so we are going to take them to see Gnomeo and Juliet, hope it is as good as hear it is.

Now as for the card this is one of the more detailed cards we are doing for our Stamp a Stack on Feb 26th, we will do it last so that the inexperienced ones will have had some warming up to it, but this way our advanced ones will leave with a layered fun card.

I hope you like it and it can inspire you in some way as I was inspired by someone as well ( just have no idea what her name is...sorry)

So until tomorrow .... YES I do actually have another one for you tomorrow.

Until then
Happy Stamping

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Two are missing but here are three of them!!!!!

So did you understand the title...not likely I know but let me explain.

I have a group of 4 ladies that are part of a club they come every three months and spend a set amount and then they all draw a month and they are the hostess for the month and reap those rewards.

Well for awhile now I have given them homework, I get a sketch challenge from SCS and then I give them some cardstock and DSP, from there they choose what accessories, stamps, etc that they want to use.  So I took a picture of three of them including mine and for some reason my camera is not loading one of them and one of the ladies was unable to make it so I will get another picture of the one not loading and the lady who was not there, I will get a picture of hers at a later time and I will post them at a later date in the meantime here are the three I do have.

I am always so amaed how we all use some items that are similar but the actual outcome is so different...I LOVE IT, it is such a personal craft and really shows our personalities.

So with no further delay here they are:
                                   This one is mine using the Baby Blossoms from mini

                                       This one is Gloria's (she is a new demo...smile)

                                              This one is Loretta's....so cute!!!!!

So I hope you enjoyed them the one I took a picture of that will not upload uses the Curvy Verses set and she made a really cute flower with the 5 petal punch.   The other two will get on here when I get them back to get pictures.
Now was it not fun to see how everyone took the layout and the paper and changed them all up and made them their own...I LOVE IT!!!!!!   This is such an awesome craft.

Any  of you that think you would like to be part of a club let me know you are interested and we will see what we can do to make that happen.
IF you think you would like to join my team and become a demonstrator and make some extra cash, save on your purchases NOW IS THE TIME...let me tell you why:

It is 15% off right now first of all,  secondly you get an added on package for FREE (totalling 50.00+) AND because it is Sale-A-Bration time you (and I ) get an extra free stamp of your choice form either the mini or the current Idea Book and Catalogue (up to $63.95 value).   SO if that is not enough incentive I do not know what is!!!!!
If you have any further questions or concerns about joining or anything else for that matter feel free to contact me anytime by emial or phone

Hope you have a great rest of the day
Happy Stamping

Oh and another sneak peek of Stamp a Stack coming tomorrow

Friday, February 11, 2011

Feb 26th is coming quick......here is another sneak peak!!!!!!

Good Morning!!

It is a very cold morning here in Southern Ontario, however the sun is shining and all is good.

So I am so excited about Gloria and I's first ever Stamp-a-Stack that I thought that I would give you all another sneak peek.  This one has no sentiment and we will have a bunch of sets there for people to add to this card if they want to.  I loved the simplicity of this card and I will be the first to ay that I totally CASED this card from someone on a demonstrator only site.  I am not embarrassed that I cased however I am very embarrassed that I forgot to record who it was so now I have no link for the creator....sorry.

For those of you that are coming to this event please check your emails as there has been a change of location due to the lack of numbers that could make it.  It is no longer at the conference room in the library, if you have not recieved your email for some reason please be sure to contact me for a new location address.

Well I am off I have a a friend that cannot come to the club meeting tomorrow AND the poor thing is the hostess this month too, so she is coming this afternoon to make her cards. So need to freshen up te bathroom and get my dishes done...smile

Thanks so much for stopping by
Happy Stamping

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Are you interested in a Sneak Peek of the Stamp a Stack Projects?????

HELLO!!!!!!......I have been MIA but for no other reason other than I have been very busy with some workshops and the prepping for them.

I should follow other demos example and make them the same BUT I must have a short attention span becuause I just can't do it I need to make them different to keep myself entertained...smile.
I guess I know who my kids got it from....giggle

So back to the short attention span well I blieve that it must be linked to my not being patient....so that is why you are getting a sneak peek of one of the cards we will be making at the First Ever Stamp-a-Stack being put on by another dem and myself.  You will get two of this card because we are making 5 different cards and two of each of the 5.

There are to options for this stamp a stack.
#1 Pay $25 and go home with th 10 cards and matching envelopes...this is great for beginnersas most of you are not sure if you are going to get hooked (hee, hee little do YOU know)

#2 Pay $40. and you go home with the 10 cards and matching envelopes BUT you also get to take home the Artistic Etchings set that we are using on all the cards that day.

You need to bring nothing as we are going to supply all the necessities to make them and we will also supply you with a lunch.

It starts at 11:00am and ending time will entirely depend on how many people come.

RSVP is needed by Thursday Feb 10th  so we can have a final head count.

Well that is all for today, I sure hope you like it and if you are in the London to Hamilton area be sure to contact me by leaving a comment or emailing me at www.crancourt@execulink.com